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Central air-conditioning manufacturers accelerate the domestic decoration retail market development

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In 2014, Jia Zhuang market become an important factor of central air-conditioning sales growth. Along with the people to enhance the quality of life, for air conditioning quality, comfort, security and other requirements, in recent years, the energy requirements increase substantially, highlight the advantages of household central air-conditioning, will gradually become the main melody of the future Jiezhuang market "". Therefore, the central air conditioning enterprises to increase for the promotion and development Jiezhuang market, and strive to seize the initiative in the market jiezhuang. Retail sales in the market Jiezhuang mainly related with the real estate market, with the development of society and the improvement of people's living standard, the consumer more and higher requirements for the quality of living, therefore, household central air conditioner is to improve the living environment of the first element will be more and more consumers favor. Enter since 2014, with the decrease in the market of public construction projects, the market retail Jiezhuang increasingly focus on brand. 2014 1 - September, the market retail sales growth rate as high as more than 30% home improvement.

From now on the point of view of the pattern, to control the real estate home improvement retail rhythm is still some Japanese brands. Daikin, Hitachi, Toshiba, MITSUBISHI electric, MITSUBISHI heavy industries and so on. MITSUBISHI heavy industries is the year of the opening plan expected to grow for the 500 K standard shop. But at present domestic brands also begins to increase Jiezhuang market investment. Such as the United States at the beginning of the year and vigorously promote the living room dedicated central air-conditioning products, to march in a large-scale market retail home improvement. Although rush Jiezhuang channels in a short time will let profit becomes thinner, but if you can take up this market, or that China's real estate market to rise again, for the central air conditioning home improvement retail is bound to an unprecedented good.

In 2014, a lot of central air-conditioning manufacturers will tilt the resources to market the retail home improvement, especially in the promotion. At the same time, businesses introduced new products also to the majority of household central air-conditioning products, many manufacturers in order to do home improvement retail market, also launched a number of special machines and household central air conditioner accessory products, such as special machine, the living room fresh air machine etc.. In the expanding channels, hand through a variety of flagship store form, exhibition marketing integration, a set of central air conditioning system, central heating system, central fresh air system, the central water treatment system, central hot water system, central dust removal system, intelligent home system, solar energy, diversified, systematization and integration. The other side of the channel sink to the three or four line of the city, even further residential, residential promotion, and focuses on the promotion in the high-end residential area, villas, strengthen the close cooperation with the decoration company.

In 2014 all manufacturers are accelerating the development and construction of the home improvement retail channels, all this, will also promote Jiezhuang market development more prosperous.