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Central air conditioning refrigeration equipment industry the largest centrifuge process

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In recent years, the application has gradually developed a centrifuge. Centrifuge is now applied in chemical industry, petroleum, food, pharmaceuticals, mineral processing, coal, water treatment and shipping department. Centrifuge belongs to 4 trillion end products, demand. Looking at the development of all walks of life, technology updates is the driving force of enterprise development, management and large-scale production is the cornerstone of the rapid development of enterprise.

Centrifuge industry increasingly competitive, in the end there is no space to improve the future? To what direction the centrifuge? Market share? Need one? With the issue, the author interviewed some professionals, are as follows:

1, market prospect

Pharmaceutical and chemical industry, textile, the excessive growth of enterprises directly led to the centrifuge market demand expansion, forming a sales system has some characteristics of the centrifuge. Because the chemical, textile, medicine and other fields to the development speed and stamina from time to time. Centrifuge will adhere to the continued rapid growth of market capacity in the next five years, the size of the market will more than double, promising market prospects will enable more enterprises to enter the industry carries on the game, but to enter the market analysts also will be more rational.

2, the pressure of competition

The market needs the integration of 5 small enterprises, has a certain market visibility and reputation. The country's largest centrifuge production concentrated area, concentrated large size has nearly 200 centrifuge enterprises, the scale of the enterprises is less than 10, others are the small number of small scale enterprises; but the small enterprises with a flexible mechanism, often through price competition to beat competitors, so to the centrifuge market has brought great fluctuation. Although raw material rises again, but the centrifuge price but more and more low, some companies offer even interest close price, if the deduction of future maintenance costs, even lower than the cost.

Professionals believe that the existence of the status quo in the face of centrifuges, centrifuge there will be a big change in the next five years. The main changes in technology, but the size of the market, the sales market system, integrated management system etc..

According to the briefing, the centrifuge is by centrifugal force to separate liquid phase heterogeneous system equipment. Powerful centrifugal force, is the use of centrifuge rotor generates high rotation speed, speed up the settling velocity of particles in the liquid, the samples of different sedimentation coefficient and buoyant density of the material separated.

As the largest central air-conditioning refrigeration equipment, centrifuge production has the characteristics of high threshold, technical difficulty and the related technology of broad entry. The development of science and technology, the gradual increase in demand of centrifuges, centrifuge industry is developing rapidly, centrifuge production team is constantly growing, showing a good prospect in the situation.

Centrifuge range special widely involved in the medical industry, blood separation and virus research, DNA research and drug purification and so on to use to centrifuge. Centrifuge with rapid development in recent years, biomedical, also obtained the considerable development, has formed a distinct from the low speed centrifuge separate pattern of the market, is expected in the future will continue to maintain growth momentum, but also attract more research institutions to enter, at the same time, the classification of high speed medical centrifuge centrifuge industry technology development is also the fastest.

At present, the development trend of foreign centrifuge market is intelligent, convenient control, liberation operator labor, also helps to promote exports through various marketing communication strategy and customer cultivation techniques of booth exchange. Centrifuge industry in China should adjust development strategy, innovation management, to enable enterprises to maintain the vitality of the centrifuge, to maintain growth, ensure the development.