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The problem of food safety frequent refrigeration equipment demand

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Effect of cold storage on food safety

The cold chain industry, the rapid development in recent years, but also to open up emerging markets of refrigeration equipment. Cold chain refers to the perishable food from the origin of the acquisition or fishing, processing, storage, transport in the product, distribution and retail, until the hands of consumers, the each link is always in a low temperature environment necessary for products, to ensure food quality and safety, reduce loss, pollution prevention special supply chain systems. Applicable to primary agricultural products, frozen food and special drugs.

Not only is the cold fresh food special requirements for the refrigeration equipment, other foods in the production, transportation, sales, each link of the cold storage once happen fault, will cause the food shelf life is greatly reduced, creating conditions for the breeding of bacteria, thus caused food poisoning. Frozen food reserve work is in place, but depends on whether the high-end refrigeration equipment, operation method is correct. Refrigeration equipment for food "protection" should not be underestimated, a set of high standard, refrigeration equipment precision can not only guarantee the safety of food can do is very fresh. And the correct method of operation is also very important, not only can extend the service life of the equipment, but also to achieve the greatest degree of preservation of food.

Market segmentation for higher requirements of refrigeration equipment

Refrigeration equipment is different to other products, it is 24 hours in a release of energy, in a cycle of operation, can be crucial to maintaining the stability of the equipment, in addition to a strong R & D and production team for support, but also carries on the customer training and equipment using tracking service. Enterprise refrigeration equipment to the safe level of subdivision to industry and enterprise itself, the "standard" sinking, make the product more convincing.

Now the food industry competition is becoming increasingly intensified, seafood, meat, cakes, fruits and vegetables, dairy products of different categories of refrigeration requirements also vary, but for these products save properties, also put forward higher requirements on the refrigerator function. Refrigerating storage cabinet most customers want to buy a multifunctional, borrow from the refrigerator design sense will be different kinds of products are on display in this.

Not only confined to the temperature adjustment, and the details of the changes, but are involved in all aspects, to put the customer's needs to display the product, even after repeated testing, as a professional sellers, the customer only provides the requirements, but the enterprise refrigeration equipment to everywhere to stand on our own professional point of view, analysis of the problem for customers and provide solutions that meet customer requirements of the premise, and then presents the most reasonable proposal.

Able to dominate the market, enhance the vitality of enterprises and products difference, depending on the product structure and business model to change, so as to make the product more living space, but with the change of customer demand, most of the stores operators more willing in the equipment investment. A freezer equipment must have at least 8 years service life, performance design is the core competitiveness of the products, the quality in the first place, responsible for the customer.

Now the food industry competition pressure is more and more big, refrigeration equipment good conducive to food enterprises occupy an important position in the fierce competition in the market.