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Special activities through the acceptance of the large and low temperature refrigeration equipment

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On November 3, the Chinese academy of sciences conditions guarantee with the bureau of finance organizations from Beijing university of science and technology, Chinese academy of sciences institute of high energy physics, Chinese academy of sciences, lanzhou institute of modern physics, Chinese academy of sciences, Shanghai institute of applied physics, Chinese academy of sciences institute of physics, such as the unit of the experts of technical institute of physics and chemistry of the Chinese academy of sciences to undertake national major scientific research and equipment development project "large cryogenic refrigeration equipment development" for the site acceptance testing. By physical and chemical xin-jian liu, TBS and the deputy director of the project team attended YanShouHui scientific research personnel. YanShouHui held in langfang park by physical and chemical.

The assessment team all experts listened to the project's chief scientist li qing researcher on the project progress is introduced and the scheme of the test instructions, discuss and confirm the test plan. , the expert group is controlled by the online confirmation and the test result on October 31, since run data validation, and related equipment and instrumentation of the test carried out on-site inspection, real and effective confirmation test result.

The field test panel found (panel to specify an expert on October 31st to langfang park site supervisory boot, cooling performance indicators reached the starting time), large cryogenic refrigeration equipment smooth running for three consecutive days (72 hours), to keep the outlet temperature of the cold load 19.7 K + 0.3 K, refrigerating capacity 10.7 kW, 10.7 kW - turbine adiabatic expansion efficiency of 76% or higher. Experts believe the field test results meet the technical indicators of project specification, all technical indexes can reach the indexes of the and is superior to the specification requirements.

The field testing is to test the physical and chemical state of scientific research project of the major equipment "large cryogenic refrigeration equipment development" the execution result of the most important link, marks a large cryogenic refrigeration equipment developed by physical and chemical capability to a new step, in the course of the development of crack of turbine expander, low leakage rate, low temperature heat exchanger, high precision filter oil system and system integration, etc. Series of key technology and equipment of verified, in order to further open up the domestic big science engineering need to lower the temperature of liquid helium/superfluid helium refrigeration system laid a good foundation and technical reserves.