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Refrigeration equipment for the food to a safety lock

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Recently the number of food safety incidents, and the food not ready refrigerated reservior. Food easily happened in the process of transportation, sales and storage cold chain fault, lead to food shelf life shorten, create conditions for growth of salmonella, and cause the food poisoning events.

Food cold chain refers to the perishable foods from origin acquisitions or fishing, again through the processing, storage, transportation, distribution and retail, until the hands of consumers, its each link is always in the midst of what the product must be of low temperature environment, to ensure the food quality and safety, reduce loss, prevent pollution of the special supply chain system. In the scope of the cold chain, food industry impressively in the column. As a result, the safety of the food is not only embodies in the choose and buy of raw materials, the safety storage of products is the absolute principle.

The link needs to strengthen food safety problems develop

For food hygiene safety of the nation's demand is higher and higher, why always have a lot of food safety accident frequency? In fact, in addition to the problem of raw materials, and there's a lot in cold storage, frozen, problems in logistics, save, but this did not cause the attention of people. First of all, the stability of the product not only embodies in taste, is it from quality, in the process of product to the customers to buy at this moment, how to maintain product freshness of nature in the preservation work. So, refrigeration, cold storage in all food production and processing, sales, logistics plays a very important role in the process.

Refrigeration equipment, various other products it 24 hours in the release of energy, in the operation of the cycle, to maintain stability of equipment is important, in addition to have a strong research and development, the production team for support, but also used for training and equipment for the customer service tracking.

Food safety problems of breeding, cannot simply find out only the product itself, it also include human factors, the hardware and software, etc., the future of all kinds of emerging food promotion in the Chinese market, will not only pay attention to the procurement of raw materials, should also pay attention to every link of production, contact with product. National standards tend to be large policies of refrigeration equipment enterprise to make safety level segmentation to industry, the enterprise itself, the "standard" sink, make products more convincing.

The white-hot competition in the industry and multi-functional refrigeration equipment needs

Now increasingly heated competition for the food industry, most operators hope will own storefront in food stores, selling not only traditional pastry, cakes, sandwiches, will also serve drinks, ice cream, chocolate, etc., and save the attributes of these products, also put forward higher request of air-conditioner function. Most customers want to buy a multi-function refrigeration storage tank, by the design feeling of the air-conditioner will different category of products are displayed on this.

Not only limited to the traditional temperature, and the change of the details, but are involved in all aspects, to the customer demand into product display, even after repeated tests, as a professional seller, the customer just provide the demand, but to all refrigeration equipment enterprises should stand on its own professional point of view, to analyze problems and provide solutions to the customers, meet customer requirements under the premise of to give reasonable Suggestions.

Able to dominate the market, or product differentiation, enhance the enterprise vitality is to rely on the product structure, operating mode to change, to make our products more living space, but as the change of customer demand, most of the store managers are more willing to give up on the device. An air-conditioner equipment should have at least 8 years of service life and performance of the design is the core competitiveness of the product, give top priority to quality, responsible for the customer.

In fact, the threshold of the refrigeration equipment is much higher than people see, excelsior research and development of new products, professional and design.